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Drew is an experienced senior Osteopath at Macfarlane Clinic who combines evidence-based medicine in combination with his own clinical style. He completed his Bachelor of Clinical Science and Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) from Victoria University in 2010 and since then has worked locally within the eastern suburbs. His background as a personal trainer and local sportsman has driven his passion into rehabilitation, injury prevention and correction of biomechanical dysfunctions. The completion of his Graduate Diploma in Animal Biomechanical Medicine has expanded his biomechanical understanding and enhanced his intrinsic feel of osteopathic techniques.

Drew applies a wide range of Osteopathic techniques to work collaboratively with his patients in providing individualised treatment and rehabilitation programs. Drew utilises hands-on techniques including soft tissue mobilisation, joint articulation and manipulation along with exercise-based medicine and indirect techniques to meet the individual’s needs. With the skills to treat a wide range of conditions, he has a particular interest for back and neck pain, postural dysfunction, rehabilitation and sporting injuries at the local and elite level.

Living in the local area, Drew spends his spare time with his young family enjoying the outdoors. This includes getting out in the garden, enjoying local bush walks, cafes and wineries and looks forward to sharing his love of being involved in local sporting clubs with his children.

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