Team Member

Bryan is a fully qualified and registered Osteopath having completed his Bachelor of Science (clinical Science) and Masters in Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria University. He has also undergone extra training to incorporate dry needling and cupping into his treatment.

Having gone through his fair share of injuries, Bryan is a very caring Osteopath who empathises strongly with his patients. He likes to work with the patient to find the cause of their pain and makes it his aim to educate each of his patient about their condition.

As a result, he hopes to empower each patient so that they can take the necessary steps required to return to doing what they love sooner rather than later.

Bryan enjoys treating a wide range of musculoskeletal complaints across all age groups. He has a special interest in treating ankle and neck pain as well as shoulder, low back and knee pain.

In addition to providing manual therapy, it is likely that Bryan will integrate ergonomics and lifestyle advice as well as exercise prescription into his treatment. This is to ensure that each patient is receiving holistic care.

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