Around 80 per cent of the population will deal with pain in the back at some stage in their life, which is regardless of age or gender!

Pain in the back is generally caused by:

  • long periods of sitting or standing
  • heavy lifting
  • injury
  • pregnancy
  • irregularity, irritable bowel and endometriosis
  • menstrual pain
  • inadequate flexibility
  • poor muscle tone
  • dysfunction in the thorax, lower limbs and hips.
There are a number of more significant reasons for lower back pain such as disc injury, fracture, cancer and infection. Our [site_location] Osteopaths, as primary health care professionals, are trained to distinguish between straightforward pain in the back and pain in the back requiring recommendation to specialist care.

Our Osteopathy practitioners at MacFarlane Clinic will assist you put together the most effective strategy to manage your pain in the back. Our Bayswater North osteopaths will certainly:

  • enhance joint mobility
  • decrease muscle stress, inflammation and nerve irritation
  • enhance blood supply and drainage to and from the spinal column and pelvis
  • decrease the period of low back pain episodes
  • assist prevent future episodes
  • provide recommendations on posture, workouts and stretching
  • supply insight on enhancing your ergonomic environment
  • provide assistance on diet, hydration and exercise
  • interact and prepare treatment with your GP and insurance provider
  • refer you for radiological assessment when needed.
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